mmm, what they usually say on the first meeting?

Aloha? Ola? Konnichiwa?

well, this is not my very first blog address actually. I had one or two blog address back in high school but I forgot the password like yea what a classic reason. and then I came up with the idea to build (?) my own passion platform again from the start. and I choose wordpress based on recommendation from my friend whom also a wordpress user cause he said it’s more usable than other platform. so yeah, here I am, sitting behind my old laptop, typing words by words that you currently read.

this blog is literally will contains most of my random thoughts and things I’m into. what things? you know it’s more than 1. and you’ll see it later in my next post, hehehe.

and lastly, I might use both bahasa and english in this blog. cause bahasa Indonesia is my mother language and I use it in my entire life. and english is a major language in the world, and sometimes, I don’t know why, there’s situation that I can’t explain with bahasa and english is the only language that can help. so, clear enough, yep?

that’s it.

and let me say “welcome.”



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